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Nothing is much more frustrating than having a problem with your garage door. Whether you have to struggle with manual opening because your garage door opener isn't working or if the door itself needs repair, Garage Door Repair Pearland, TX, is the repair company to call. Our garage door technicians are fully trained and experienced with all sorts of doors, including Craftsman garage doors.


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Garage door repair and maintenance Services


Pearland is named for the good farming that has been part of the areas past, including the growing of fruit, such as pears.  Thus, the name is pronouced like Pear land, and not like pearl land.  It's one of the most rapidly growing suburban towns around Houston, TX, with a population of about 121,000.  It has more than tripled in population over the last two decades.  Farming did well off and on, but was destroyed by several hurricanes, and now most people in Pearland work in the city. 



Garage Door Repair Pearland, TX, offers a wide range of installation and repair services to the homeowners of the Pearland area.  One area of expertise our technicians have is in the repair of garage door openers.  We can advise you about what type to install, whether a belt-drive opener, a chain-drive opener, or a screw-drive garage door opener would be the best type for your garage door and your budget.  The  three types differ in noise level and price, but our company has experience with all three types.  In addition, we work with all major brands, including...


* the Liftmaster garage door opener

* the Genie garage door opener

* Chamberlain garage door openers

* Craftsman garage door openers

* Sears garage door openers

* Marantec garage door openers


We also service the remotes that operate those garage door openers.  Some of the brands of remotes that Garage Door Repair, Pearland, can repair are the Clicker, the Multi Code, the Liftmaster Security Plus, and the Genie Intellicode.


Garage Door Repair Pearland Texas performs a wide range of miscellaneous repair and installation jobs related to garage doors.  For instance, our company is the one to call if you've had a garage door cable snap or break, if the cable has come loose and needs an adjustment, or if the cable has come off the drum.  We can also repair a bent garage door track or replace it if needed.  If your door is off the track, we are equipped to get it back on the track.  We can also fix your broken emergency release.


A useful service we can schedule for you is a once-a-year maintenance and lubrication visit to provide preventive care for your garage door.  By checking things out for you, Garage Door Repair, Pearland, TX, can ensure that a small glitch does not escalate into a major catastrophe (and a major expense!)  In addition to oiling your door, we can check for broken springs and replace them, or repace worn weather stripping, fix the rubber at the bottom of the garage door, and any number of other jobs.


Incidentally, the springs on a garage door are highly pressurized so that it is not a good idea for even a talented do-it-yourself type to try to replace or install them.  People have been injured and even killed when trying to perform this job.  Our trained personnel know when to install torsion springs or if extension springs is a better choice.  We also use long-lasting, rust-resistant galvanized springs whenever possible to save you future grief.


Glass garage doors offer a particularly nice look to many styles of modern homes.  Contrary to the way they may sound glass doors do not have to be extremely heavy.  Let Garage Door Repair, Pearland, install a new glass garage door and brighten the look of your home.  Or, maybe you just need some glass windows replaced in your existing door.  We can perform that job for you, too.


We at Garage Door Repair Pearland strive to offer you the very best garage door service in the area.  We give fast, friendly, professional service for jobs large and small, and hope you'll let us meet your garage door needs.  Our staff is on hand to help you at any time.


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