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The springs in a garage door are just a small part of what it takes to make a garage door operate the way it should. The garage door springs are important because they compensate for the weight of the door when the motor and chain or belt are pulling the garage door opened or closed. If the springs in a garage door start to act up then the garage door will not work as it should. Garage Door Repair Pearland is able and willing to fix any issues that arise with your garage door springs.

Garage Door SpringsGarage Door Springs Pearland does broken spring replacement and broken spring repair for all types, styles, makes and models of garage doors. They also repair and replace the different operating styles of garage doors. The two types of springs in a garage door that will frequently need to be repaired or replaced are:

    * Torsion springs

    * Extension springs.

They also do others services for the garage doors springs including:

    * Spring repair

    * Torsion spring replacement

    * Fixing the garage door spring.

Torsion springs and extension springs are the two major kinds of springs in a garage door

The springs offset the weight of the garage door and take the stress and strain off of the motor to pull the garage door open and closed. Working on garage door springs can be difficult because of all the other parts involved and because of the pressure placed on the springs. Because of this, only professionals like those at Garage Door Springs Pearland should work on a garage door spring.

Torsion springs are either single springs or a pair of springs attached to a metal pole over the top of the garage door. The torsion spring winds and unwinds as the door opens and closes and uses the pole as the balance point for the weight. The inside diameter, lift and wire size will determine how long a torsion spring will work before needing to be replaced. Garage Door Springs Pearland will know when and how to replace the torsion springs on your garage door.

The extension springs are located above the garage door on a horizontal track system or along the sides of the garage door. These springs work by expanding and contracting when the door opens or closes. A usual home garage will have two extension springs, one located on each side of the garage door. Garage Door Springs Pearland has the knowledge and experience to replace any extension springs.

The Basic Differences among Torsion Springs

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